When the dancer disappears, the dance remains...

Dance is the way of Life...

Dance is central to the human beings expression of emotion. Every time we shake someone’s hand, lift a glass in a toast, wave good-bye or applaud a performer. We are doing a form of dance. We live in a universe of time and space, and dance is an art form invented by human beings to express and convey emotions. Dance is profound.

- Kariamu Welsh Asante



Dance is like wine; it matures with every performance...

Whether you want to learn, hangout or just enjoy a good show, we’ve got you covered with access to the very best of classes, social dancing events and well-curated shows that will engage and thrill you.

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Symbols of hope/Catalysts of change and development

Hall of fame

Every industry has people who have against all odds, worked hard to make things work for the next generation. Nigeria has got these selfless individuals who have slaved themselves for the advancement of dance, giving the younger dancers a clear path to success. Wajo honors these ones by inducting them into its Wall of Fame.

Sarah Boulos



You live as long as you dance.

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Your Journey into Dance begins with one Step.

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