WAJO is your invitation to dance; a multi-faceted dance focus project aimed at touching and enriching lives - dancers, dance lovers, and people from all works of life.
WAJO began in April 2013 as a monthly dance event and has metamorphosed into a dance project with various offshoots. It celebrates and promotes Nigeria’s diverse dances as well as that of Africa, to the world. Over the past months, it has featured various dancers and dance groups performing different dance genre on the same stage every last Thursday of the month.

·       Making dance more prominent and relevant
    •    To reposition dance as a profession of repute in the society thereby building the dance industry
    •    To empower dancers to maximize their potentials
    •    To serve as a social dance platform for value dissemination
    •    Using all known medium (tv, web, life event etc.) To express and disseminate information to better and healthier life and living through dance

    •    To serve as a medium for value (social and cultural) dissemination
    •    To promote and give people access to better and healthier life through dance
    •    Presenting dance as an alternative to rigorous exercise in a fun dimension

Core values
    •    Passion
    •    Integrity
    •    Excellence